Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes - Detect Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes often termed type one and type two. You should be aware of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. Type one is juvenile onset diabetes. It is usually diagnosed in children and teens. In this case the body does not produce insulin, which is used by the body to convert sugars into energy.

The adult onset diabetes is known as type two diabetes, where in either the body has insufficient insulin or the cells in the body does not have sufficient receptors which aid insulin in its typical functions. Diabetes is a grim sickness; however with the numerous research going on this subject, diabetic persons can now live long and satisfying lives.

Symptoms for diabetes will show up if your body is not correctly processing glucose. Glucose is the result of your body breaking down the food that you eat. For glucose to be properly absorbed by your cells, the body must produce the right amount of insulin. If the body does not produce the correct amount of insulin your cells will be starved producing high glucose levels that can cause harm to your eyes, heart, and kidneys.

Some signs and symptoms of diabetes are not as obvious as you would think. Frequent urination is one sign of diabetes. Urine may have a fruity smell due to high sugar levels. Other signs and symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, weight loss, blurry vision, and fatigue.

A newly diagnosed diabetic needs to seek treatment. Type one diabetics, and some type two diabetics, will need to give themselves injections of insulin. Diabetics also need to be sure to have a balanced diet, and they also often need to eat on a schedule. Those diagnosed with diabetes must also be sure to exercise regularly, since exercise has been shown to help control blood sugar.

Various stores stock different types of diabetes foods. People diagnosed with diabetes have to be careful about their sugar and carbohydrates in take. As you all know carbohydrates get converted to sugars in the body. There are artificial sweeteners available today which makes it possible for diabetic people to enjoy desserts made with less sugar.

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